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FY 2009-10 budget


Policy Papers and Analysis

Does the mayor's budget reflect San Francisco values? HSN op-ed published in the S.F. Chronicle - 6/24/09

Share the Pain: An Equitable Budget Plan: HSN op-ed submitted to the S.F. Chronicle - 6/18/09

Budget Cuts Fact Sheet: Budget Justice Coalition - 6/10/09

HSN Guiding Principles of Budget Reduction Strategies - 2/2/09

McKinney Contractors Assoc. letter to DHS Comm. - 1/13/09

Coalition on Homelessness FMAP paper - 3/25/09

Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly Advocacy Statement - 4/09/09

San Francisco Information Clearinghouse statement on the merger of MOCI under OEWD - 4/09

Community Budget Reform Council recommendations (Draft) - 2/6/09

Coleman Advocates budget and set-aside fact sheet - 5/09

Rally and event fliers

Public Defender's Office rally: Thurs., June 18, 10 am, City Hall, Polk St. side. Join Jeff Adachi for a rally against budget cuts to legal representation for the poor.

Real Deal or No Deal: It Takes a Village to Fight For Our Communitites: Join HSN and other members of the Budget Justice Coalition for a march and rally from Halladie Plaza to City Hall at 3 pm on Wed., June 10.

Aging and Disability Budget Coalition meeting: Wed., May 27, 3 to 5 pm, Bayanihan Community Center, 1010 Mission (x-6th St.). Meeting to develop budget advocacy strategy and fight the proposed cuts. Call James or Alice at Planning for Elders, 703-0188 x-304 for info and to RSVP.

Silver Tsunami rally flier: May 12: Rally on City Hall lawn, Tuesday, May 12, 10:30 to 12:30, sponsored by Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly, Planning for Elders, and Senior Action Network.

Coleman Advocates flier for April 29 Board Budget Committee hearing on Children, Youth and Families - 4/09

City Hall Sidewalk Service Center on April 22 - 4/09

Mayor's Office

Mayor's budget instructions to departments - 12/08

Budget status update - 3/20/09

Overview of the merger of MOCI under OEWD - 4/09

Recovery SF: Information on federal stimulus funding

Mayor's proposed May budget for Enterprise Departments - 5/1/09

"Partnering with Nonprofits in Tough Times", report of the San Francisco CBO Task Force - 4/09

Mayor's proposed general fund budget - 6/09

Board of Supervisors

Board's budget website

Board's weekly meetings and agendas

Budget Committee department hearing schedule

Board budget priorities (Final) - 5/12/09

Budget Snapshots: Legislative Analyst's report on the budgets of the city's eight largest departments, FY 2004-05 through FY 2008-09 - 5/20/09

Beilenson hearing on cuts to health services: Board of Supervisors, Tuesday, June 16, 3 pm, Board Chambers, Rm. 250

Board of Supervisors budget restoration list - 7/1/09

Controller's Office

Controller's Office Budget and Analysis Division webpage

FY 2008-09 Six-Month Budget Status Report - 2/10/09

Budget Improvement Project presentation - 3/16/09

Three-Year Budget Projection for General Fund Supported Operations, FY 2009-10 through FY 2011-12: Joint Report by the Controller's Office, Mayor's Office, and Board of Supervisors' Budget Analyst - 3/31/09

FY 2008-09 Nine-Month Budget Status Report - 5/5/09

State Budget Impact - Preliminary Report - 8/4/09

City Departments

Dept. of Aging and Adult Services

Reduction target: $21.7 million (DAAS and DHS combined), DAAS share about $7 million

DAAS Community Budget Forum - 12/16/08

DAAS memo to Finance Committee - 2/3/09

DAAS budget reduction memo to Commission - 2/11/09

DAAS table of impacts on service delivery - 2/11/09

DAAS impact of nutrition budget cuts - 2/11/09

Dept. of Children, Youth and Families

Reduction target: $6.6 million general fund and $4 million Children's Fund

DCYF Budget Development Presentation - 1/9/09

DCYF Budget Update and Discussion with Grantees - 1/21/09

DCYF Budget Reduction Proposal - 2/5/09

DCYF Budget Presentation to CAC - 2/5/09

Joint Violence Prevention / Intervention Funding Strategy (MOCI, DCYF, JPD and DPH) - 2/5/09

DCYF proposed reductions (multiple documents on DCYF budget page) - 2/10/09

DCYF proposed budget reductions by funded agency - 2/25/09

DCYF proposed budget reductions by service area - 2/25/09

Dept. of Human Services

Reduction target: $21.7 million (DAAS and DHS combined), DHS share about $14 million

DHS Community Budget Forum - 12/17/08

DHS Commission Budget Principles - 12/18/08

DHS Budget Reduction Plan Memo #1 - 1/14/09

DHS Budget Reduction Plan Memo #2 - 1/29/09

DHS Commission Presentation - 1/29/09

DHS Budget Reduction Plan Memo #3 - 2/12/09

DHS Budget Proposal - 2/12/09

Dept. of Juvenile Probation

Reduction target: $7.8 million

Joint Violence Prevention / Intervention Funding Strategy (MOCI, DCYF, JPD and DPH) - 2/5/09

JPD budget memo to Commission - 2/11/09

JPD budget proposal detail - 2/11/09

Dept. of Public Health

Reduction target: About $100 million; As of 5/15/09, the target has been increased to $164 million.

Health Commission Budget Principles - 2/17/09

DPH budget web page - DPH posts budget documents here.

First budget memo - 2/3/09

Second budget memo - 2/17/09

Update and revisions - 4/21/09

Fourth budget memo - 5/15/09

Beilenson hearing notice on 2/27/09 mid-year cuts - 4/7/09 hearing

DPH cuts in the Mayor's proposed budget - 6/1/09

DPH Community Programs Stakeholder Engagement Process - 5/15/09
Executive Summary
Full Report

Dept. on the Status of Women

Reduction target: $870,000

DOSW budget memo - 1/23/09

DOSW proposed budget - 1/23/09

Violence Against Women cuts - 1/23/09

Office of the Public Defender

Budget cut: $1.9 million

Budget cut fact sheet - 6/15/09

State Budget

Governor's proposed budget - 1/09

2009 Budget Act Package, summary - 2/20/09

California Budget Project policy analysis of state budget

Human Services in a Time of Economic Crisis - An Examination of California's Safety-Net Programs and Related Economic Benefits for Communities - Joint report by the County Welfare Directors Association and California State Association of Counties, 4/09

Governor's budget: May revise - 5/14/09

California Budget Project quick summary of May revise - 5/15/09

State Legislative Analyst's Office overview of the May 2009-10 revision - 5/21/09

Additional $5.5B proposed state cuts - 5/26/09

Additional $2.8B proposed state cuts - 5/29/09

Mid-year cuts to FY 2008-09 budget


HSN letter to Mayor Newsom - 12/8/08

Impact of mid-year cuts - Responses as of 2/4/09
(Note: Print out document on legal size paper)

Mayor's Office

Mayor's mid-year cuts, first round - 8/12/08

Mayor's mid-year cuts, second round - 12/15/08

Mayor's mid-year cuts, third round - 2/27/09
San Francisco handed out 262 layoff notices, most of them effective May 1. The Mayor's Office has not provided additional detail.

City Departments

Department of Public Health mid-year cuts - 12/08

Dept. of Aging and Adult Services mid-year cuts - 12/08

Dept. of Children, Youth and Families mid-year cuts - 12/08

Dept. of Juvenile Probation mid-year cuts - 12/08

Dept. of Human Services mid-year cuts - 1/09


  • HSN calendar - Check for upcoming hearings, events and other opportunities to learn about and influence the city budget.

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